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Get Your Captain's License - Follow Your Dream!
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The Coast Guard has granted us approval to conduct all of our Captain's License Classes in an online format. These are NOT the sit-by-yourself-in-front-of-the-computer classes that you may have seen elsewhere. These are live online face-to-face by webcam classes with an instructor and five students at a time on a secure platform.  

- Easy to fit into your schedule 
- All course materials will be mailed to you
- No daily traffic hassles 

​Our course material is presented just as if we were in a classroom together but by sharing a computer screen instead. Here is a screenshot of our Rules of the Road program as it would look being presented online.  Our online students can see and hear all of the other students and the instructor via webcams.
Online Captain's License Classes
Approximately 90% of the class will be conducted online but exams must be taken in person. That means you can sit in front of your computer, in the comfort of your home or office and take your Captain's License class via webcam.  At the end of the course we'll get together to work on chart problems and take our exams. 

Give us a call to reserve a seat in one of our next online classes!
     (510) 573-0641

Check out the dates here http://www.cquestmarine.com/Schedule.html

A New and Convenient Way to Get Your Captain's License!
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